The Steering Group

The Save the Duke steering group has 14 dedicated members comprising local residents from Somersham, Flowton and Little Blakenham. It meets every 2 weeks, usually in the football pavilion in Somersham. The group aims to be entirely democratic and transparent thus Minutes of all the meetings are available below, along with the group's Model Rules.  The Group has formed a Community Benefit Society registered with the FCA (registration No. 7070) which will be the legal entity which will try to attract sufficient community investment to buy and manage the pub in the future. This model allows interest to be paid on investor's capital, but it ensures any profits from any future pub business would be returned to the community.

Meeting minutes

June 9th 2015

May 26th 2015

12th May 2015

April 28th 2015

April 7th 2015

March 24th 2015

March 11th 2015

February 23rd 2015

February 12th 2015

January 27th 2015

January 13th 2015

December 30th 2014

December 16th 2014

December 2nd 2014

19th November 2014

Somersham Community Pub Limited - Model Rules