How to invest in the Duke of Marlborough

You currently have three options for buying shares. You can purchase shares on our website via Paypal either through your existing Paypal account, or securely with a debit card if you don't have a Paypal account.

Or, shares remain on sale via BACS or a cheque payment, from our Treasurer Gerard Kroon. You will need to print and fill out our cheque form  to send with your cheque, the details of where to send it are on the form. If you need support, for example with making a BACS payment, please email Gerard at: or call him on 01473 657178 for details.

(Our crowdfunding web site is currently closed.)

Please read our Prospectus and Business Plan before you invest.

You may also to like to see feedback from our community questionnaire and read the Model Rules which govern our Community Benefit Society.   If you have any queries try our FAQs.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is approved

Important news for investors: The government EIS scheme has been approved for the Save the Duke Community Pub project. This means if you pay sufficient personal income tax, you should be able to reclaim 30% of the value of your investment. Sounds too good to be true? It isn't! It is designed especially to help small community projects like ours.

For example, if you are a tax payer and you were to invest £1,000 in shares you should be able to reclaim £300 back from your end of year return through the EIS scheme, it would cost you just £700!   (Terms and conditions apply and you should get independent tax and financial advice before investing.)

Further details can be found in the share prospectus and business plan or from HMRC at:

Even more reason to invest - you can now afford more shares than you first thought!

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