There were once three pubs in Somersham...

Somersham is lucky to have had such a great gastropub over the last 13 years but now, as Roger and Hazel reach retirement, there is a need to act fast to ensure the village's last pub does not suffer the same fate that has seen other local pubs lost to residential conversion. 

Bolstered by the success of community groups in other villages (see the links page) and the overwhelming interest shown in the public meeting in November 2014 a committee has been set up committee to look into the feasibility of acquiring the pub for the village. This has the support of the Parish Council as well as Roger and Hazel themselves.  In forming our group, it became apparent there is an amazing range of business skills in the area. The group includes an accountant, legal and company secretaries, experienced business leaders and a former publican with a wealth of useful advice!   We are still going to need all kinds of skills and enthusiastic volunteers to make this happen so if you think you can help please get in touch.

Unless a buyer comes forward quickly it is likely there will be an opportunity for local people to invest in the pub themselves by purchasing shares.  This represents a great opportunity to be part of securing the pub's future as well as, we hope, a sound investment.  We hope to be able to offer a small annual return to each investor once the business is fully up and running. Full details will be available soon about the types of share offers we will make.

The acquisition would offer a great opportunity for the community to shape what kind of pub the Marlborough becomes, going forward. The intention is to continue to offer great food and great ales but there is scope to diversify the experience on offer, perhaps with emphasis on different range of activities on different nights, hopefully with something for everybody. We hope local groups will come forward and use the pub for meetings, games, we could have quiz nights,  family friendly evenings, theme nights, etc. The various spaces could be used for different users at different time, e.g. for business meetings. We hope you will add your own ideas as to how we can make sure the Marlborough continues to be successful. It can be whatever we want it to be!

We hope you will support both the acquisition of the business by either investing, or supporting our fundraising efforts, as well as in the future by making sure the business is a success!

To get regular updates please send us your details in the form provided on our Contacts page.

We would like to include some information on the history of the pub - can you help with this?